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apparently some douche on tumbly is literally going around sending people lies about me through anons lol

no wonder me posting literally anything on tumblr is like talking to a wall

my sim couple got into a vampire fight in this last stream i did and i had to spend a whole day forcing them to fix their relationship and it was kind of annoying

and then i realize this is just a regular relationship with vampire bitterness lol

The Face of a Broken Man

i.e. stop inviting yourself into my house to eat my pizza you just delivered asshole

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alright i'm gonna attempt to stream my nightly sims business as long as twitch doesn't take a big dump like it did last night

i think simulation games are my new favorite genre

mmos are alright and good for time killing

but damn simulation games can do it all

our house

in the middle of your face

our house

Meryl S. Kavanagh (@ravenna) is a trans woman doing work in fiction and music (mostly). She depends on income generated directly from these things and you should totally check out her dollar patreon at patreon.com/mskavanagh and her Bandcamp at eyeshadow2600fm.bandcamp.com/r

Now streaming the recreation of The Addams Family to my best ability via Sims 4 twitch.tv/bloodqueen13

And if you break my face
My achey breaky face
It might just up and hurt, dang

Don't break my face
My achey breaky face
I just don't think she'd understand

Me, clicking on my sim: Put the toddler in the seat so he can eat

My sim: puts the toddler in the seat, takes him out, puts him on the ground, picks him back up, puts him on the ground

Toddler: throws a tantrum

lol seriously Maxis

if i was one of those richie rich artists i'd get a high quality film cam, my guitar back that was stolen from me, some makeup, lights and cameras and record something ridiculous

but then i'd do that for all my songs lol

i'm trying to think of a plane explosion in the air from a movie or show that i could use for Rapid Descent in a video but all I can think of is Breaking Bad

my quest to rid the sims neighborhood of the landgrabs will continue later, unless they perish in the next hour lol

meanwhile my sims are here with 2 children and they both keep getting moodlets asking for more children and i'm like

yo, neither of you have any free time as it is

Thank you David, if you're watching this timeline 💕 and, enjoy ;p